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Villa Torlonia

Via Nomentana 70 - Roma


Villa Torlonia is a public garden overlooking Rome's Via Nomentana, on the border between the II and the III Town Hall. The Casino Nobile is an example of neoclassical architecture, with marble columns and pilasters, of giant order. The side porches and Palladian portico are the work of Battista Caretti. He was responsible, too, of the decorative parties in gothic and Pompeii style and many indoor environments. The terracotta pediment, depicting the triumph of Bacchus, is by a pupil of Canova Rinaldo Rinaldi. Despite recent renovations that are allowing to open to the public new parts of the villa some buildings still in a state of dangerous decay. Inside, at the Limonaia, there is a municipal museum of technology for children. The villa has been installed by the City of Rome a WiFi network which allows you free access to the Internet.