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Bunker dei Granatieri

Piazzale Adenauer - Roma


An air-raid shelter, built in 1939, is still preserved in the second level of the basement of the Building of the Board. It was situated in a barycentric position in relation to the entire building and still maintains all the specific features of an air-raid shelter, and on the walls are signs indicating the corresponding services on the uppers floors.

It occupies 475 square metres and is in reinforced concrete, with metallic anti-gas hatches made by the Gambarotta Aeronautical factory in Turin.
The walls of the shelter are about 20 cm. thick and it is completely indipendent from the structural system of the entire building and isolated around its outside wall by an air space of 125 cm. A double dynamo, still visible today, had the purpose of activating the ventilation and lighting system in the rooms of the shelter, so that employees could spend many days there.