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Routes of the mystery: Esoteric Rome.
A series of tours and guided tours dedicated to the mysterious and esoteric side of Rome with the best guides in the sector.

"Then the safe wings to the air I offer;
nor do I fear crystal or glass hitch,
but by making the heavens and at the infinite I stand. "
(Giordano Bruno)

Mystery itineraries mark the esoteric topography of Rome over a period of time ranging from antiquity to our days.
Magic, alchemical, astrological and kabbalistic symbolisms reveal the secret face of the city. We progressively enter an interpretative labyrinth which "revitalizes" roads, streets, neighborhoods that have always been known but "ignored".
Giordano Bruno, the alchemical door, the angelic or infere presences take shape in a game of symbolic references from which it is difficult to escape.
Each district of Rome is distinct from its "Genius Loci", a soul that alludes to the different space-time dimensions of the place.
Walking on the path of esotericism or metaphysical research through the itineraries of the "other" Rome, is equivalent to the search for the secret meanings of reality, aimed at the harmony between microcosm and microcosm. Understanding the history and essence of the esoteric culture will allow us to unmask the esoteric vulgar nebula of magicians, wizards and sorcerers who besiege us daily with the complicity of the mass media