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Terme di Caracalla in 3D. Caracalla fourth dimension: virtual video guide

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 52 -


Use of the viewer ? 10.50 including agency fees (reservation required)
Entrance ticket 11.50 euros including agency fees
Duration : 1 h
Caracalla in IVD is available in: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Educational activities for schools in Italy
190.00 euros agency fees included for group class (maximum 30 pax) - minimum booking 3 weeks before requested date

The technology is based on a viewer, inside which a smartphone with a specific software is inserted. With simple controls managed by a single button, the device equipped with georeferencing will reproduce the places where the visitor is located with an immersive perspective, covering the entire visual space.
The viewers will be available at the entrance of the Baths during the normal opening hours of the monument.

LENGTH: 90 minutes

RECIPIENTS: Secondary school


Terme di Caracalla in 3D. Caracalla fourth dimension: virtual video guide, multimedia visit with virtual reality from December 20th 2017.

A journey through time, that is through the fourth dimension: the Baths of Caracalla become the first great Italian archaeological site entirely usable in 3D.
Virtual reality will make it possible to see the Baths not only as they are today, but as they were in 216 AD, at the time of their inauguration.
The project, promoted by the Special Superintendency of Rome and by CoopCulture, offers visitors the chance to read and interpret the grandiose vestiges of the Baths of the emperors of the Severi dynasty, in a continuous comparison between physical and virtual reality, between present and past.
The visit, divided into ten stages of which you are with virtual reality, is based on philological reconstructions of the Baths, based on the studies of the last thirty years and edited for the scientific part by Marina Piranomonte, director of the monument. The project, which he collaborated with for the technological conception Francesco Antinucci of the National Research Council, was coordinated by Francesco Cochetti of CoopCulture.
Inside the digital reconstructions were inserted the real images of some statues and decorations of the thermal plant that today are proudly displayed in various places, including the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Royal Palace of Caserta, who collaborated on the project, and Piazza Farnese.


The virtual tour is divided into ten chapters, which correspond to as many spaces of the plant and cover all the areas of the Baths of Caracalla, revealing their various functions and returning a complete image of the monument:
- historical introduction to the emperor Caracalla (Marco Aurelio Severo Antonino Pio), his figure, his wars, his policies, with a special attention to the thermal complex that still bears his name today - video with audio commentary;
- the Western Gym;
- the Frigidarium, a large hall with basins of cold water,
- the vivacity of the Baths, which received from six thousand to eight thousand people a day, is illustrated through the story of the Roman philosopher Seneca;
- the Oriental Gymnasium where the large sculptural group of the Dirce Execution, also known as Toro Farnese, was virtually relocated;
- the Spogliatoio, l? Apodyterium, in the Terme dei Severi is monumental, with its high cross vault and elegant black and white mosaics;
- the Natatio, or the huge outdoor pool;
- the Saunas, the Laconias, and the Caldarium made up the hot path of the spa;
- the Sotterranei, a labyrinth of several kilometers of tunnels, which ran under the thermal area;
- the two libraries, one in Greek and the other in Latin.

The ten stages show how the Baths of Caracalla were not just a building for the bathroom or what is now called a spa: the plant had a completely different importance, thanks to the two libraries, one Latin and one Greek, the meeting rooms, large gardens, long arcades and tabernæ positioned in the perimeter fence.
In fact, in addition to taking care of the body, the great imperial baths fulfilled the function of a sports center, a place of study and a meeting place for the most diverse occasions. The virtual visit will allow us to grasp the complexity of the Baths of Caracalla which, rich in works of art and bas-reliefs with celebratory depictions of military enterprises, can be considered a real Forum of the emperors of the Severi dynasty, which not by chance in Rome there was none

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: The course of the Baths of Caracalla will be flanked by the use of special visors that, in certain points of the monument will allow you to see the environments reconstructed in all their ancient splendor. This visit enhancement tool contains "views". of the different reconstituted environments - in architecture and decoration - to their original state and allows a complete three-dimensional view of the surrounding environment at 360 °. In this immersive dimension the participants will have the feeling of being transported back in time and will be able to see the original reconstruction of the third century of the halls, of the decorative apparatuses and of the sculptural elements that adorned the thermal baths including the two masterpieces preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Naples: l? Ercole and the Toro Farnese.

OBJECTIVES: ITALY 1) Use language and virtual technologies to enhance awareness of the archaeological good and its protection
2) Increase the emotional impact of the visit through an immersive experience