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Calcio A 5 Grandi Sfide Tra I Circoli

Lungotevere Flaminio 25 Roma (Flaminio) -

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Back in the 5-a-side Soccer Rowing Cup This year, with a special birthday: the traditional tournament between the historical circles of Rome, in fact, takes half a century.

The 50th edition of the oldest football championship in Europe will start on Monday 23 June and for a month will see 40 teams in four matches with 4 representatives (Absolutes, Over 40, Over 50, Over 60).

Always host the Circolo Canottieri Lazio (Lungotevere Flaminio 25a), in the field affectionately called by its patrons "La Fossa" for its size and its location, in the immediate vicinity of the left bank of the Tiber River.

The 50th edition of the "Coppa Canottieri", with all its news, will be presented to the press and to the public on Friday, June 20 at 12, in a press conference to be held at the headquarters of the Circolo Canottieri Lazio.

Speakers include the president of the CCLazio, Raffaele Condemi, and the presidents of the other historical circles of Rome participating in the competition.